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Database Design

Complementing our System Designers are our database specialists. These RDBMS Consultants can work individually, or as a team.

We offer comprehensive design and performance based expertise in anything from a small handful of tables, to Warehouses composed of many hundreds of related tables, containing terabytes of data.

We have skills in the market-leading SQL based Engines such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix and SQL-Server, and with some of the equally popular but smaller end tools such as Access, Paradox, SQLAnywhere etc - often taking applications developed using the latter toolsets and hooking them into the larger Engines to allow fast application development in distributed environments for analysis of data in Warehouses supported by the bigger tool suppliers.

We offer performance tuning advice, and design expertise and consultancy on indexing etc. Also tuning guidance and administration of the larger Engines in terms of Physical and Logical Transaction logging, checkpoints, page cleaning etc...

Our heritage in the Software Development arena means our skills extend outside the SQL based databases to traditional older generation environments supporting applications written in tools such as Cobol, Ideal, Datacom and Dataflex.


To complement the design skills, we provide consultancy services for Sizing and Capacity planning - working with the Business and Systems Analysis teams to establish volumetrics and transaction flows.


"KAM have supported our Unix systems for many years and have always had a professional and inivative approach to their work" 

"We have used KAM for many Projects and all have been on time and to budget..."

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