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Resource Packs

Take the finger out of the air when estimating support requirements, or planning development resources. Purchase a KAM Resource Pack. A block of time, in days, which can be 'called off' as, and when, required. It complements budgeting by allowing a fixed investment to be made, at a planned point in the fiscal calendar, which can cover a multitude of service requirements.


  • Pro-active budgeting. Buy what you think you might need - but don't panic too much - It's like a fuel tank in as much as you can just top it up when it gets a little low, and it just sits there ready for when you need it most.
  • Why not just T&M? Because who knows whether your T&M resource will be available when you need them. If you've purchased the 'time' as a Resource Pack, we can be considered to be baby-sitting it for you until you need it!
  • What resources do I get? Well, that's determined when you invest in the Pack, but largely, anything within the reasonable bounds of our expertise.
  • This also means that elapse times may vary to suit your plans, if we can realistically arrange it. For instance - two heads are considered better than one. A two day task can be halved, elapse time wise, by allocating two people to it.
  • More on elapse times: You may have five days work, spread over a three week elapse period, with other project dependencies controlling the five days of activities.This may be a problem elsewhere, but it's what the KAM Resource Pack was designed to cope with.
  • For more information e-mail ResourcePacks@kaminfo.com 

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